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Crop cultivation, potassium dihydrogen phosphate + brassinolide has a great effect

Apr 09, 2020

Potassium dihydrogen phosphate is a high-concentration, high-quality, chlorine-free potassium fertilizer with extremely low salt value, high nutrient content, and is not easy to absorb moisture. It is suitable for use on a variety of crops, whether it is planting crops, fruits or vegetables The effect of growing flowers is very good. If it can be used in combination with brassinolide, the effect is even greater.


Potassium dihydrogen phosphate + brassinolide

1. Promote absorption and enhance fertilizer

First of all, potassium dihydrogen phosphate is high in nutrients, but the crop skin has a waxy layer. Monopotassium phosphate is not easy to penetrate through the waxy layer, and the crop's absorption rate of phosphorus and potassium is very low. However, brassinosterol can quickly penetrate the waxy layer and greatly increase the absorption of phosphorus and potassium by crops.

Secondly, the phosphorus element moves slowly in the plant after absorption, and brassinolide can improve the metabolic capacity of the crop, promote the absorption of nutrients by the crop, and at the same time accelerate the metabolic transport of nutrients in the plant, which can quickly replenish and enhance The effect of fertilizer.

Crop cultivation, potassium dihydrogen phosphate + brassinolide has a great effect (4)

2. Promote photosynthesis and avoid premature crop failure

Potassium has the effect of enhancing crop photosynthesis during crop growth. Brassinolide can increase the leaf chlorophyll content and at the same time increase the photosynthesis related enzyme activity. The combination of the two can greatly improve the photosynthetic efficiency and promote the production and transformation of nutrients. The oily green is bright and not prosperous, extending the manufacturing market of functional leaf nutrients to avoid premature aging of crops.


3. Anti-falling spring cold, anti-freezing, anti-drought, anti-dry hot wind, anti-lodging

(1) Anti-cold spring and cold. At low temperatures, the enzyme activity in plant cells is very low, and the plant grows slowly. Long-term low temperature, even when freezing damage occurs, ice crystals are produced in plant cells, destroying crop organs, which in turn leads to a reduction in production.

Brassinolide itself can activate the enzymes in the cells, accelerate the metabolism of the cells, improve the fluidity of the cytoplasm in the crops, and provide enough energy to withstand the low temperature.

Crop cultivation, potassium dihydrogen phosphate + brassinolide has a great effect (3)

Potassium dihydrogen phosphate can increase the concentration of cell juice, the higher the concentration, the stronger the ability to resist freezing.

(2) Resistant to high temperature and dry hot air. Use brassinolide to protect against high temperatures and dry and hot winds. Special care must be taken not to use it alone. It has a certain resistance to high temperature, but only by increasing the activity of the enzyme. Potassium dihydrogen phosphate + brassinolide can stimulate the drought resistance of plants, enable crops to actively close stomata, and reduce water evaporation.

(3) Anti-lodging. Crops with partial application of nitrogen fertilizers, abuse of hormones to raise seedlings, and insufficient nutrient supply are prone to lodging. The growth resistance of potassium dihydrogen phosphate + brassinolide is due to: brassinolide promotes cell division (increases the number of cells, not elongates cells) ), While supplementing phosphorus and potassium to synthesize dry matter, which effectively improves the strength of crop stalks and prevents crops from growing.


4. Promote flower bud differentiation and increase fruit setting rate

Potassium dihydrogen phosphate has a certain regulator effect, and brassinolide itself is a trace amount of highly efficient regulator. The synergistic effect of the two can regulate hormone levels, promote the conversion of crops from vegetative growth to reproductive growth, and promote the differentiation of crop flower buds , The role of increasing the number of flowers.

At the same time, the nutrient supply structure is adjusted, so that the nutrients are fully transported to the reproductive growth points such as flowers and fruits, so that the flowers and fruits of the crop are fully developed and grown, and the flowers are strengthened, and the quality of flowering is improved. Pollination and fertilization can improve fruit setting rate, preserve flowers and fruits, and effectively promote root growth and development.

 Crop cultivation, potassium dihydrogen phosphate + brassinolide has a great effect (1)

5. Improve quality and increase production

Potassium dihydrogen phosphate spraying during fruit expansion can supplement crop nutrition, brassinolide can regulate nutrient supply structure, promote the transportation of nutrients to the fruit, play a role in protecting and strengthening the fruit, and promote the uniform expansion of the fruit, while improving the quality of the fruit Coloring, improving the taste, etc., to achieve quality and production increase.

Crop cultivation, potassium dihydrogen phosphate + brassinolide has a great effect (2) 

6. Alleviate the phytotoxicity

Sometimes, because there are too many weeds in the field, it is difficult to grasp the dosage when using herbicides, which leads to the occurrence of crop phytotoxicity and affects the growth of the crop. In order to mitigate the effects of the phytotoxicity, both can be used for spraying, which has a good recovery effect.


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