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Cucumber growth management

Apr 08, 2020

Temperature. After planting, it is necessary to raise the temperature of the shed. The temperature of the shed should be controlled at 14 ~ 30 ℃, as much as possible to be controlled at 20 ~ 25 ℃. Until the height of melon seedlings is 60-70 cm, the temperature at noon shed should be 35-38 ℃, and gradually lower the temperature in the later period. When the melon seedlings grow to half a shelf, the midday temperature should be controlled at 32 ° C and not exceed 35 ° C.


Cucumber growth management

Watering. Determine the number of watering times based on weather conditions, soil dryness and humidity, fertilization and melon seedlings. It should be noted that the watering work in the critical growth period must be done well, and the promotion of seedlings and the promotion of hanging water need to be combined with soil water holding capacity and melon seedling growth. Generally, it is not advisable to over-water before the end of May. After June, the amount of water can be increased appropriately to ensure that the water has the effect of stimulating fruit and not stimulating flowers. It cannot be watered when more female flowers open. When finished, and before covering the base film, make sure that the soil contains enough water.


Ventilation. Specifically, it is necessary to determine the location, size, and time of the opening of the vent according to the temperature in the shed, the growth of the plants, the amount of wind on the day, and the weather. Normally, it can be ventilated when the temperature reaches 20 ° C on sunny days and 25 ° C on cloudy days. Windless sunny days require early ventilation, and cloudy days also require short periods of ventilation. If the lowest temperature outside is higher than 10 ° C at night, ventilation can be performed for 1 to 2 hours after sunset. If the temperature is above 14 ° C, the top vents may not be closed. If the temperature reaches above 16 ℃, there is no need to close the bottom vent.


Pest Disease Control

(1) Disease control

If the ambient temperature in the shed is high, there will be a lot of cucumber downy mildew, which is easy to cause problems such as black spot disease, and the incidence of cucumber will be greatly increased during the vigorous growth stage. Therefore, before the shed is closed, water should be timely, and the shed should be closed on the second day. The temperature in the shed reaches 45 ℃, at this temperature for 2 hours, can effectively control the spread of disease. In addition, it is necessary to increase the vents at the top of the shed and remove diseased and old leaves on the second day. At 10d intervals, the shed was closed once.


Disease control

(2) Pest control

Yellow board lure. Whitefly, Liriomyza sativae and Aphids all have a yellowing habit, so you can hang 30 30cm × 40cm yellow boards in the shed and apply butter or vaseline on them Insect density.

Set up an insect net. The insect-proof net can be set at the vent of the shed to prevent the entry of pests.

Set up an insect net.

Bait lure. Using the chemotaxis of pests, insecticides are added to the bait to lure them.


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