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Spraying foliar fertilizer

Apr 13, 2020

Foliar top dressing can not only make up for the lack of root absorption and meet the nutrients required for wheat growth and development, but also improve the microclimate in the field, reduce the harm of dry and hot winds, enhance the function of the leaves, delay senescence, increase the filling rate, increase the grain weight, increase Wheat yield and quality.


Spraying foliar fertilizer

Generally, it is sprayed once at the heading stage and at the filling stage. The defertilized field can be sprayed once every 10 days. Foliar spray can be carried out by using 150g-200g + 1 ~ 2% urea mixture of potassium dihydrogen phosphate. In order to simplify the operation, it can be combined with other field management measures, such as the mixing of fungicides and pesticides, that is, the "one spray and three prevention" comprehensive control measures are adopted.



● Pay attention to the amount of each use, spray and mix now, and use the second dilution method to configure.


● The spraying time is best when it is sunny and windless from 9 am to 11 am and after 4 pm. The amount of water sprayed per mu should not be less than 30 kg. Pay attention to the uniform spraying.


● When spraying wheat in the flowering period, it should avoid pollination time, and generally spray after 10 am. Attention should be paid to the weather forecast before spraying to avoid rain within 24 hours after spraying, resulting in a reduction in the effect of "one spray and three preventions" for wheat.


● High-yield wheat fields should strive to be sprayed 2 to 3 times, with an interval of 7 to 10 days.


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