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The Importance Of Boron

Mar 30, 2020

"Boron" is key

Boron is one of the indispensable elements for flowering and fruit setting of crops, and many crops have a greater demand for boron fertilizer. Crops are deficient in boron, with less flowering, more malformed flowers, low fruit set rate, woody fruit, severe deformity of new shoots and dead leaves!

Most fruit trees are sensitive to boron, such as citrus boron-deficient yellow leaves, stone fruits; apple boron-deficient fruit shrinkage, deformed fruits, etc. Grapes lack boron spikes and small grains. For example, deformed watermelons, boiled pomegranate-dehydrated dry water, boron-dehydrated hollow melon, and so on are all related to boron deficiency!

So, comprehensively, we know that boron deficiency affects flowering and fruit setting, and boron deficiency also affects the fruit shape and uniformity of the fruit!

The importance of boron

How can boron supplementation be efficient?

1. The soil was exposed to excessive boron poisoning after one-time application of boron fertilizer, followed by a lack of boron;

2. The transfer of boron in the crop is slow. It is difficult to transfer boron from old leaves to new shoots and flowers. Boron is similar to calcium. When boron is insufficient in old leaves, boron in new leaves will flow back into old leaves.

3. The foliar spray boron product is not suitable and cannot be transferred within the crop;

4. The method of boron supplementation is wrong, and the balance of boron in the crop cannot be maintained at every stage of crop growth.

To effectively supplement boron, grasp the key points

Take citrus as an example: boron supplementation should be sprayed annually to meet the demand for boron at all stages of the crop, prevent boron-deficient residual fruits, and increase the proportion of high-quality fruit.

2-3 month flower bud period: 1-2 times, strong flowers, reduce abnormal flowers;

Fruit-keeping and fruit-keeping period from April to May: 3-4 times.

Swelling period in June: 2 times to prevent internal cracking in dry water;

Autumn shoot period from July to September: 2 times, to promote neat autumn shoots, accumulate nutrients for flower promotion, increase sugar and color;

Post-harvest from December to February: 2 times to promote flower bud differentiation.


What are the benefits of using boron fertilizer?

Promote the formation and development of floral organs and increase fruit set rate

Studies have shown that the concentration of boron has a great effect on the growth of pollen tubes. When the boron concentration is too low, the pollen tubes stop growing and cannot fertilize. Only when the boron concentration reaches 17.5 mg / kg can normal fertilization be performed. Therefore, the formation and development of crop flower organs are directly related to boron.


Increase the toughness between cells, promote smooth and delicate skin development and improve fruit quality

At present, the fruit enters the fruit expansion stage, and many orchards have the phenomenon of rough skin and uneven fruit surface. Studies have shown that the peak of boron requirement for fruit trees is the fruit expansion period after the flowering period, which indicates that the boron absorption capacity is stronger during the expansion period. However, boron deficiency in fruit trees will cause leaf hypertrophy, swollen veins, rough skin development, thickened and bulged skin, and poor fruit quality. Therefore, it is necessary to pay attention to the supplementary use of boron in the fruit expansion period.


At the same time, it improves the absorption of nutrient elements such as phosphorus, potassium, magnesium, calcium, iron, and manganese by fruit trees.

Boron deficiency not only reduces the boron content of fruit trees, but also significantly affects the absorption of other mineral elements, especially the content of phosphorus, potassium, magnesium, calcium, iron, zinc and manganese. Boron application made the magnesium content of the old leaves reach the normal level, while non-boron application made the magnesium content of the old leaves in a severe deficiency range.


Boron can increase stress resistance in plants

It can enhance the drought and disease resistance of crops; boron application can promote the formation of vitamin C, and the increase of vitamin C can improve the resistance of crops.


Boron can promote cell division and elongation

Boron deficiency can inhibit the growth of crop root tips and lateral roots and stop growth. The density of the main root and side roots will decrease due to boron deficiency, which will affect the absorptive capacity of the crop.


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