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Want to take root, must use rooting!

Apr 01, 2020

First, take root in technical advantages

1. New, broad-spectrum, highly effective rooting agent.

2. Two kinds of highly active rooting materials are 1: 1 scientifically matched, powerful and dual-effect, the main root and fibrous roots are double excited, and explosive rooting. Naphthaleneacetic acid: mainly promotes the growth of the main root system of the plant; indole butyric acid: promotes the growth of lateral roots, makes the root system more developed, and has a better rooting effect.

3. High purity raw materials are preferred, and the best quality is guaranteed.


Second, the main effect

1. Promote root cell differentiation, accelerate root growth and development, greatly increase the number and length of roots, more root hairs, larger and stronger roots, and enhanced root vitality.

2. Improve the survival rate of transplanting, accelerate the return of seedlings, make the plants strong, and improve the growth.

3. Drastically reduce root diseases, improve plant resistance to stress, and increase yield.


Third, take root

This product can be used for cutting, transplanting, growing seedlings, promoting root development, repairing root damage, dysplasia, etc. It is widely used in vegetables, fruit trees, Chinese medicinal materials, garden flowers, and field crops, and has good results. .

1. In cutting rooting: can quickly induce cutting rooting; burst rooting; large root volume, white color and strong vitality.

2. For fruit trees, seedlings and flowers: Transplanting can promote root growth and development, improve stress resistance and transplant survival rate. Root irrigation can stimulate capillary roots and maintain roots.

3. For field, vegetable seedlings and turf: spraying before transplanting and transplanting, slow seedlings and improve survival rate.

4. For root and tuber crops: can greatly increase the yield of underground tubers, such as potatoes, yam, taro, horseshoe, ginseng, licorice, isatis root and so on.

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